Rules & Regulations

Statut Pro-Am


The term “ProAm” refers to a Professional Teacher dancing with their student.


A teacher who is licensed as a professional or trainer and/or a person with a dancing class under the auspices of the National Dance Federation/Association.


A ProAm Student Dancer of individual teaching under the guidance of a professional teacher.

  • ProAm Student dancer does not teach Ballroom/Latin/American Smooth/American Rhythm.
  • Professional competitors may only have one partner in each event. No split partnerships.


Age Groups
A1:  up to 45
A2: incl. and over 46

Newcomer, Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Siver, Gold, Diamond

The age group is devised by the age of the ProAm Student Dancer. Proof of age may be requested.

The ProAm Student Dancer may also dance one age division younger; for example A2 may also dance A1 if they wish .

Female Dancers to enter the correct Female Category and may compete in either role. Male Dancers to enter the correct Male Category and may compete in either role

Two people of the same gender may compete together.

Judges are  evaluating only amateur performance.


For detailed  rules document see Competition Rules, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Number of entries are limited. Organizers are eligible to not to accept registration above certain level.

Split partnerships are not allow in one particular competition. For example professional can dance in the category “A1 Single Dance Bronz Full Chacha” only with one partner. Other competitions he can dance with another one.

Organizers shall not be liable for any damage and belongings lost of left in a ballroom, changing rooms or any other rooms of the venue.

Organizers do not take responsibility for any health problems and bodily injury (including death) inherent in attending the event. Participation is at own risk. Organizers reserve the right not to postpone the program in order to wait for the belated participants. In case of the missed heat, money for it shall not be refunded to the participants.

If any person has an objections to being video recorded or the possibility of being seen of the records or in any publicity trailers or other use of his/her picture, please notify the organizer of this event in writing thirty days prior to the commencement. Failure to notify will be considered as permission granted.

Cancellation must be made in writing. Cancellations received prior to 11th December, 2024 will receive a refund by mail no later than 30 days after competition of the event minus a 30Euro service charge. No refunds will be issued for package and/or entry cancellations received after 11th December, 2024.

All persons attending this event shall be bound by the rules of DanceTime Gala Cup available at registaration page on this website. By signing up an entry form the participant accepts the rules of the competition.

In any category with fewer than three entries the organizer reserves the right to eliminate the age and sex divisions and merge competitors into one open division, or to let compete more level categories at the same time on the floor. Change of the program is reserved.

Heel protectors MUST be used at all times.


Competitions with restricted syllabus must respect the following rules:

OPEN competitions do not have any syllabus restrictions besides the usage of lift figures.


Czech Pro-Am Dance Union as a national federation introduce two ranking event,  where all participants collect point to Czech Pro-Am ranking.

  • Level divided event such as Bronze Full Ranking, Silver Full Ranking, Gold Full Ranking – competitors can perform only restricted syllabus figures.
  • Championship  league all ages events are without age and level restriction. Points from these events are calculated to Czech Rankings.

Complete Czech Pro-Am Dance Union competition rules can be found in here.