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Competition Rules

Competition Rules

Competition Rules organised by Tanec pro všechny, z.s., with the registered office at Prague 3, Plavínová 2783/20, post code 13000, company registration number: 22709908, incorporated in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section L, Insert 24791 (hereinafter referred to as the “Organiser”)

  1. A Dancer means a person who, by sending an application, shows his/her binding interest in participating in this competition.
  2. By ticking consent to the “Competition Rules”, the dancer submitting an application confirms to have become acquainted with them and undertakes to comply with them without reservation.
  3. The Dancer is obliged to pay the starting fee (fee for the participation in the competition, from which the costs associated with the organisation of the competition are paid).
  4. The Dancer acknowledges that this application becomes valid only after the payment of the starting fee. In the event that the Dancer withdraws from the competition more than 45 days before the date of the competition, the Organiser will return to the Dancer 100 % of the starting fee after deducting a handling fee of CZK 500 (“five hundred Czech crowns”). If the Dancer withdraws from the competition less than 45 days before the date of the competition, nothing will be returned to the Dancer from the starting fee paid. This amount will cover the Organiser’s costs related to the preparation of the Dancer’s participation in the competition as well as the costs related to the cancellation of the expected participation.
  5. The Dancer declares that his/her state of health allows him/her to participate in the given dance competition.
  6. The Dancer acknowledges that he/she is obliged, during the competition, to put his/her belongings at a place designated for this purpose, i.e. guarded by a cloakroom attendant who gives an identification number against the guarded item. Failing which the Organiser is not responsible for any loss or destruction of the belongings.
  7. The Dancer is obliged to appear on the dance floor properly and in time. The Organisers of the competition are not obliged to delay or stop the competition if any Dancer or dance couple does not appear on the dance floor for their band. In this case, the starting fee will not be refunded.
  8. The Dancer acknowledges that he/she is obliged to follow the organisational instructions of the competition Organizer and the generally applicable legislation.
  9. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the competition without giving any reason, of which the Organiser is obliged to immediately notify the Dancers and return the starting fee to them.
  10. The Organiser has the right to refuse the Dancer’s application without giving any reason.
  11. Pro-Am competitions are competitions for dance couples in the professional and amateur combination.
  12. A “Professional” means a Teacher/Trainer/Dancer with a professional or trainer licence and/or with a dancing performance class under the auspices of a national dance federation/association.
  13. A “Dancer” does not teach social or sports dance, nor does he/she receive funds through his/her dance shows.
  14. Amateurs with competition practice from higher performance classes (i.e. class B and above) that the Dancer danced more than three years ago may also start in the Diamond competition and in no other category.
  15. In certain cases, the competition organiser may ask a dance school or national federation/association to confirm the status of an Amateur or Professional and decide on his/her participation in the competition.
  16. Competitions will be held in the following categories: Newcomer, Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond (known worldwide as Gold Star). The inclusion of an Amateur in the competition classes is determined by a professional partner at its discretion.
  17. The participation of an Amateur is allowed in two consecutive classes (levels), the same for Single Dance and Multi Dance. In classes where the repertoire is compulsory, he/she must observe the prescribed figures according to the figures catalogue.
  18. The Amateur is evaluated by the jury.
  19. “Split partnership” where one professional is dancing with multiple female amateurs/male amateurs in one competition is not allowed.
  20. The competition organisers are not responsible for personal belongings and valuables put outside the designated areas, i.e. dressing rooms of the competition.
  21. By sending the application, the competition participant agrees with filming and photographing during the competition and that these materials may be used by the organiser for trailers or for promotional purposes.
  22. To protect the dance floor, heel protectors are required and the use of oils, powders and parquet water is strictly prohibited.
  23. For the CLOSED competitions, the IISP figures catalogue (www.praguedance.cz/katalog), NDCA catalogue ((www.praguedance.cz/katalog) and ČSTS catalogue (www.praguedance.cz/katalog) apply as follows:
    Kategorie ISSP/NDCA sylabus ČSTS sylabus
    Newcomer Newcomer TPV
    Pre-Bronze Pre-Bronze E
    Bronze Bronze D
    Silver Silver C
  24. There are no restrictions on the figures catalogue for the OPEN contents, except for the prohibition of lifted figures. In the OPEN category, it will be contested in the following classes: GOLD, DIAMOND.
  25. These Rules of the Competition will come into force and take effect on 7 August 2019.


7 August 2019