Price money: TOP Teacher

UmístěníPrice MoneyMin # entries
1.CZK 15.00030
2.CZK 10.00025
3.CZK 5.00020

Final placing is based on the amount of collected points during the entire day. Teachers must meet the minimum of  Pro-Am entries in order to be eligible for top teacher awards.

How to count them? For instance multidance silver category consist of 5 dances, so you get 5 entries.

Winner have to collect the price money personally after team match finishes. Physical presence is neccecity. If the person is missing ,the price will be awarded to the other closest professional.

Umístění1-2 tance3-5 tanců
1.8 bodů20 bodů
2.7 bodů15 bodů
3.6 bodů10 bodů
4.5 bodů8 bodů
5.4 body6 bodů
6.3 body4 body
7.2 bodyč2 body
8.1 bod2 body
9.4 body5 bodů

Status Pro-Am

Pro-Am: Pro-Am: a dance couple consisting of a professional and an amateur dancer.

Profesional Profesional is a teacher/coach/dancer with a professional or training licence and/or who as an active dancer reached a high/top class at his/her national dance federation/association.

Amateur is a student of a dance school, participant of Pro-Am dance classes or participant of individual lectures with a professional teacher.

The Amateur has not participated at other amateur or professional competitions under a national dance federation/association in a certain discipline except the Pro-Am competitions.

The only exception is being considered participation at Hobby class competitions with no time specification, or the lowest class competitions no closer than five years ago. Category Diamond is open to the amateurs with higher ranked competition history, no closet tha five years ago. The organizer of the competition may ask the school or the national dance federation/association for confirmation of the Amateur or Professional Status of the person in certain cases, and make a decision about his/her participation at the competition.

Couple is defined as a man and woman. This rule is applied for all Pro-Am competitions.

Decision about the participation at a certain level/category

Decision about participation at a certain level/category of the Amateur is considered by a professional dancer at his discretion. The Amateur may dance in two consequent levels, the same for both Single Dance and Multidance. Open competitions are with an open choreography. Adjudicators judge the Amateur.

Regulations for participants

Number of entries are limited. Organizers are eligible to not to accept registration above certain level.

Split partnerships are not allow in one competition.

Organizers shall not be liable for any damage and belongings lost of left in a ballroom, changing rooms or any other rooms of the venue.

Organizers do not take responsibility for any health problems and bodily injury (including death) inherent in attending the event. Participation is at own risk. Organizers reserve the right not to postpone the program in order to wait for the belated participants. In case of the missed heat, money for it shall not be refunded to the participants.

If any person has an objections to being video recorded or the possibility of being seen of the records or in any publicity trailers or other use of his/her picture, please notify the organizer of this event in writing thirty days prior to the commencement. Failure to notify will be considered as permission granted.

Cancellation must be made in writing. Cancellations received prior to December 12, 2019 will receive a refund by mail no later than 30 days after completion of the event minus a 30Euro service charge. No refunds will be issued for package and/or entry cancellations received after December 12, 2019.

All persons attending this event shall be bound by the rules of DanceTime Gala Cup available at By signing up an entry form the participant accepts the rules of the competition.

In any category with fewer than three entries the organizer reserves the right to eliminate the age and sex divisions and merge competitors into one open division, or to let compete more level categories at the same time on the floor. Change of the program is reserved.

Because of the original baroque floor it is strictly needed to use heel protectors and not allowed to use any of oil or powder for the the floor.

DanceTime Gala Cup Pro-Am

DanceTime Gala Cup Pro-Am Single Dance STT/LAT are open competitions for Czech and international participants in Single Dances. Levels: Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold OPEN and Diamond. Closed ISTD (WDSF + ČSTS – pre-bronz = E, bronz = D, silver = C )) syllabus is required for each level with exception of Gold OPEN, Diamond where are no figure limitations.

DanceTime Gala Cup Pro-Am Multidance STT/LAT are open competitions for Czech and international participants in 4-5 dances. Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold OPEN and Diamond. Closed ISTD (WDSF + ČSTS – pre-bronz = E, bronz = D, silver = C )) syllabus is required for each level with exception of Gold OPEN and Diamond, where are no figure limitations.


In DanceTime Gala Cup competitions with a closed syllabus materials used should be based on ISTD syllabus (or WDSF). Number of figures does not influence the judgement. Not following the syllabus may result in lowering of the mark or exclusion from the competition when assessed by a chairperson or invigilator. ISTD syllabus attached: STT a LAT

No syllabus restrictions are in OPEN competitions. Lifts are not allowed.

Team match is a competition of groups of 3 amateurs dancing with 1-3 professionals. Event dances are samba, chacha and jive without any syllabus restriction.

Categories and Levels

Pre-Bronze STTW / T / SF / QSyllabus STT
Bronze STTW / T / VW / SF / QSyllabus STT
Silver STTW / T / VW / SF / QSyllabus STT
Gold OPEN STTW / T / VW / SF / Qopen figures
Amateur Gentleman Gold OPEN STTW / T / VW / SF / Qopen figures
Diamond STTW / T / VW / SF / Qopen figures
Newcomer LATS / CH / R / JSyllabus LAT
Pre-Bronze LATS / CH / R / JSyllabus LAT
Bronze LATS / CH / R / PD / JSyllabus LAT
Silver LATS / CH / R / PD / JSyllabus LAT
Gold OPEN LATS / CH / R / PD / Jopen figures
Diamond LATS / CH / R / PD / Jopen figures
SalsaSalsaopen figures
Diamond LATS / CH / R / PD / Jopen figures

Syllabus ISTD attached: STT a LAT

Music Length

The length of music at the competition ranges according to the number of couples on the floor from 1:00 to 1:30 min. Paso doble – two highlights.

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