Králodvorská 4, 110 00 Praha 1

12. 1. 2019

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Competition Schedule

In addition to your experience while competing at the DanceTime Gala Cup, you can also take delight at the evening gala, enjoying the banquet, meeting friends and dancing with your professional partner.

To simplify the event for you, we have created several discounted DanceTime Gala Cup packages (including accomodation, transportation, sightseeing, gala tickets, welcome dinner). For more information, click here.

The Check-in takes place continuously, but no later than 30 minutes before the start of the competition.

Hall opening
Start of PRO-AM competitions standard
Start of PRO-AM competitions latin
After comp dinner
Gala evening + team match with live orchestra music


DanceTime Gala Cup Single Dance

Newcomer STDW / T / Qsyllabus Newcomer
Pre-Bronze STDW / T / SF / Qsyllabus Pre-Bronze
Bronze STDW / T / VW / SF / Qsyllabus Bronze
Silver STDW / T / VW / SF / Qsyllabus Silver
Gold OPEN STDW / T / VW / SF / Qopen figures
Diamond STDW / T / VW / SF / Qopen figures
Newcomer LATS / CH / R / Jsyllabus Newcomer
Pre-Bronze LATS / CH / R / PD / Jsyllabus Pre-Bronze
Bronze LATS / CH / R / PD / Jsyllabus Bronze
Silver LATS / CH / R / PD / Jsyllabus Silver
Gold OPEN LATS / CH / R / PD / Jopen figures
Diamond LATS / CH / R / PD / Jopen figures
Amateur Genteleman- Gold OPEN STTW / T / VW / SF / Qopen figures

DanceTime Gala Cup Multidance

Newcomer STDW, T, Qsyllabus Newcomer
Pre-Bronze STDW, T, VW, Qsyllabus Pre-Bronze
Bronze STDW, T, VW, Qsyllabus Bronze
Silver STDW, T, VW, SF, Qsyllabus Silver
Gold OPEN STDW, T, VW, SF, Qopen figures
Diamond STDW, T, VW, SF, Qopen figures
Newcomer LATS, CH, R, Jsyllabus Newcomer
Pre-Bronze LATS, CH, R, Jsyllabus Pre-Bronze
Bronze LATS, CH, R, Jsyllabus Bronze
Silver LATS, CH, R, PD, Jsyllabus Silver
Gold OPEN LATS, CH, R, PD, Jopen figures
Diamond LATS, CH, R, PD, Jopen figures

DanceTime Gala Cup Caribbean and American Style

Salsa OPENSAneomezené variace
ShowsLAT/STTneomezené variace
American SmoothW, T, F, VWneomezené variace
American RyhthmCH, R, SW, BO, MAneomezené variace

Team Match LAT

Each team consists of 3 membersS, CH, Jopen figures


Please register via competition website here Deadline for entries is Saturday January 6, 2019. Entry without registration is not possible.

Special prices are being applied for entries completed by payments by December 15, 20182018, and discount prices applies for entries competed by payments by December 30, 2018.. Entries after December 30, 2019 may be accepted after the previous approval by the organizer and are being charged as late entries.

Payments are possible: cash in advance (as stated above) by bank transfer on the organizer's bank account.

Payment details

Recipient's account number:

IBAN: CZ0420100000002100333354


Payer’s reference - date of birth of the Amateur according to the entry form YYYYMMDD and/or Amateur's name as a note


Tanec pro všechny, z.s.
Plavínová 2783/20
130 00 Prague 3

Name and address of the recipient's bank

Fio banka, a.s.

V Celnici 1028/10

117 21 Praha 1

Czech Republic

Currency: EUR

Expenses: SHA (each pays the bank)

Entry fees for DanceTime Gala Cup Championship

Single Dance

Number of dancesPriceLate Entry after 31.12.2018


Number of dancesPriceLate Entry after 31.12.2018
3 Dances€24€34
4 Dances€32€42
5 Dances€36€46


Number of dancesPriceLate Entry after 31.12.2018


Number of showsPriceLate Entry after 31.12.2018

Team Match

Including banquet and evening gala ticket

Number of dancesPriceLate Entry after 31.12.2018
1 amateurs in team €12€18


Children Under 10 yearsfree
Children 11-15 years (no seat)€8
Over 15 years (no seat)€10
All-day admission (incl. banquet + gala ball)€13

Tickets include free drink of coffee, tea, water.

All-day admission ticket includes voucher for evening banquet from 5pm at the hotel restaurant and ticket to the gala ball.

Other information

If you have any questions or difficulties with registration do not hasitate to contact us at

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